UK based computer vision company 2mee trading as Facee is changing the way companies communicate with their customers with backing from Stirling based investment company Wallace Equity.

Founded in 2012, one of 2mee’s founders, David Soppelsa and his team set out on a mission to bring mobile marketing into a whole new modern era of communication. 2mee’s new Facee messaging allows brands to generate real-time video which can be delivered to a user’s device as an engaging alternative to a standard text push notification.

David said “It’s known that watching a video of a person speaking to you communicates 60,000 times faster than text. Research at the University of York has also shown that trust can be built in just 33 milliseconds by looking at the face of the speaker and that we are simply hard-wired to respond to faces – apparently, people know over 5,000 different faces! Here at 2mee, we have taken this research and run with it. We have created this technology which allows brands to communicate more effectively via face to face, all be it digitally, to their customers.”

With big goals, new products and rapid growth in mind David and the team at 2mee sought out investment to help commercialise their products and create a robust global roll out. Wallace Equity’s angel investors took part in the funding round, which will, in turn, allow 2mee to prepare for a full product launch in November 2019.

Iain Russell, 2mee’s Edinburgh based Finance Director said “This investment will assist us to bring in the extra human resource required to take the product to market, when we will then head for Series A Funding”

A Wallace Equity member said “As an investment group we look for exciting, cutting edge companies just like 2mee to invest in and are excited about the future for this great brand. The team are extremely driven and passionate about their products and have high ambitions for the company’s future. We can’t wait until we see the first video push notification come through to mobiles across the world”

​To see 2mee in action visit their website  https://2mee.com and for more information about becoming a, Wallace Equity Investor visit www.wallaceequity.co.uk.